Stone and Sea

by FEN



For over a decade, FEN have steadily developed into one of the most intriguing bands within the UK black metal scene. Often bracketed within the post-black and "shoegaze" movements, the London trio’s sound is actually more unique to themselves – a startling paradox of searing and aggressive paradox within a progressively daring and ambient beauty.

Starting out with a pastoral form of atmospheric black metal on 2009's acclaimed debut The Malediction Fields, the trio's sound has expanded and diversified considerably across five full-length albums to embrace a number of different elements all honed and synthesized into a distinctive, yet captivating, soundscape. In late 2015, the band recorded a three-track EP, entitled Stone and Sea, which was a deliberate hearken back to their older, more explosive, sound whilst retaining the maturity the English trio had developed across the years. The intention was to record something ‘for themselves’, to escape from the album cycle for a time and work on a self-contained piece.

Recorded, produced and re-mastered specifically for vinyl by Greg Chandler (Esoteric, Lychgate, Grave Miasma, Fluisteraars), these tracks take the best aspects of post-rock and black metal and intertwine key elements of traditional folk to create a masterpiece laced with a definite touch of the "epic."

'Stone & Sea' is a tribute to the crumbling coastlines of Eastern England and the spirits that lie restless beneath the waters.


released March 8, 2019

Recorded, produced and mastered specifically for vinyl by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios in Birmingham, UK.

Artwork by Immortalpict Illustration.


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Tides of Glass
I stand upon the cliff
My hands upon the gate
Watching the waves below
Cause stone to resonate

I gaze upon a sea
Both raging and at peace
I know my place is there
When existence will cease

Obsidian plateau
Stretching from horizon’s singularity
Silent save the relentless exhalations
Of rending churn that roils

Carving, forging, year by year
Century by century
Generation upon generation
All consumed by thy languid embrace

Earth at once so hale and solid
Yet to dust and echoes falls
The caustic breath of time’s malice
This permanence appals

Granite shoulders rent by slews of time
On which men have placed their certainties
To sink into the brine
In a torpid slew of disinterment

This inexorable torrent
Carrying a spirit-swarm on silty eddies
Echoes like ghosts drift upon timeless currents
Swarming like coils into thy seas

Eroded tithes, seabed tombs
Shifting sands, translucent auras

Under the waves, a labyrinth beheld
Murky totems to a lost world
In which the drifting remnants of our tribe
Sink into the cold embrace of the aether
Track Name: Stone & Sea
Track Name: The Last Gravestone
In the cold embrace of a crumbling chapel
The last gravestone stands and waits
Bathed in the aura of a forever setting sun
Pitted stone casts a lengthening shadow

Screaming winds and whipping brine-spray
Give voice to the howls of the lost and drowned
They are calling… calling
One final forlorn spirit to join them

From blackened earth to blacker waters
Drowned spirit-realm of ebon
No shred of light, no breath of sol
Can pierce this clave of the lost

Myriad voices, a reverential choir
Trembling the very roots of Albion
Sonorous this song of woe
From a thousand throats forgotten

Yet the gravestone still stands
Alone and unyielding
Crying defiance to the ravenous ocean
A totem of will
Legacy in stone

“Patient we are… waiting… watching…

A sky wreathed in flame
Above an ocean of glass
We walk as one beneath cerulean waves
Spectral hands
Raising as one
Embracing new horizons

All is lost
Yet nothing is gone
United in darkness we see with new eyes
Blessing the seabed
With echoes of will
These eroding canyons our eternal temple

Children once walked
And mothers once grieved
Bearing the wounds of the lost and bereaved
All was forgotten
In the tithes to the drowned
We see yet don’t remember”

Upon this dead cliff
A final soul dwells
One last offering to the yawning waters
Closure, finality
A siren song of ending