Tides of Glass

from Stone and Sea by FEN



I stand upon the cliff
My hands upon the gate
Watching the waves below
Cause stone to resonate

I gaze upon a sea
Both raging and at peace
I know my place is there
When existence will cease

Obsidian plateau
Stretching from horizon’s singularity
Silent save the relentless exhalations
Of rending churn that roils

Carving, forging, year by year
Century by century
Generation upon generation
All consumed by thy languid embrace

Earth at once so hale and solid
Yet to dust and echoes falls
The caustic breath of time’s malice
This permanence appals

Granite shoulders rent by slews of time
On which men have placed their certainties
To sink into the brine
In a torpid slew of disinterment

This inexorable torrent
Carrying a spirit-swarm on silty eddies
Echoes like ghosts drift upon timeless currents
Swarming like coils into thy seas

Eroded tithes, seabed tombs
Shifting sands, translucent auras

Under the waves, a labyrinth beheld
Murky totems to a lost world
In which the drifting remnants of our tribe
Sink into the cold embrace of the aether


from Stone and Sea, released March 8, 2019


all rights reserved



EISENWALD Eisenach, Germany

Situated in the center of Germany, Eisenwald works as an independent label & store. Our goal is to conduct & curate certain aesthetics, support artistic vision as well as establish a sense of community. Although mainly situated in dark and extreme metal, the label does not limit itself to musical barriers or existing sub-labels, we releases music that we embrace. ... more

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